Vertrauen ist die Grundlage meiner Arbeit.
Vertraulichkeit daher mein oberstes Gebot.


Im Folgenden finden Sie Aussagen von Klienten meiner Coaching- und Beratungstätigkeit, die der Veröffentlichung ausdrücklich zugestimmt haben. Wenn Sie weitere Referenzen wünschen, sprechen Sie mich an.


“Messerscharf in der Analyse, emphatisch in der Kommunikation! Mit Sabine lerne ich mich dank spannender Impulse von Sitzung zu Sitzung neu kennen und wachse daran!“

Laurenz H./ Student


„Sabine is sharp-witted and has the grace and humor to connect with people on issues and viewpoints which the individual personal passion lies within, even with groups that have opposing or conflicting positions
Sabine has superb coaching skills and uses the time with clients efficiently - the path forward for decision-making is illuminated during the period of coaching session.
Sabine provides expert advice on the most appropriate decision-making framework for her clients, taking into account multiple stakeholder management and key drivers of threat and success.”

Cecilia L./ Researcher


“Sabine manages to combine two important qualities that might seem incompatible but are complementary. She has a passionate commitment to the project and she is able to undertake an objective and dispassionate analysis of it.
A strategic plan can only come from within the organization, but it is an enormous advantage to have someone independent to facilitate the process, to observe, analyze and guide but not dictate, to make suggestions but not issue instructions, and above all to keep people “on board”. The guidance has always been welcome, and the suggestions have always been thoughtful and positive. For the senior management of any organization to be effective requires that they are strong individuals used to formulating policies and taking decisions in their domain of responsibility, but to develop of a long-term strategy they have to work closely as an integrated team. Sabine has the essential skill, patience and firmness to build such a team and to maintain its focus.

Sabine also manages to combine two other qualities that might be thought incompatible but again are complementary, namely firmness and flexibility. The firmness comes from a clear and consistent focus on the objective, the flexibility on the means of getting there. People are different, organizations are different, and both are formed through circumstances and experience. This means that each organization presents a different challenge, and requires a tailored solution, adapting the method to the problem not the problem to the method. This is also Sabine’s strength – the ability to see through the confusions and to concentrate on the essentials.

Finally, Sabine is a very good “active listener” and engaging company.“

Ken Peach, Physiker und Autor von “Managing Science. Developing your Research, Leadership and Management Skills” Oxford University Press 2017.